Many people are content to practice Jeet Kune Do as a “casual hobby” or an exotic distraction from everyday life.

The reason why they are unwilling to “go deep” is because at its core, martial arts training is not an easy process. In order to achieve true growth and transformative results, in order to prevail when things get tough and in order to truly enjoy the bittersweet nature of Jeet Kune Do training, we must possess a true and inherent passion for the art.

Unfortunately, if you are new to Jeet Kune Do, it can be a very overwhelmingfrustrating and confusing process trying to navigate your way and sift through the plethora of information out there — even if you possess the said passion.

This is where Personal Mentorship comes in.

Having a mentor helps us to achieve clarityinspirationfocus, and ultimately, breakthroughs. I know this because these were exactly what my mentors helped me with, and in turn I now help my mentees to achieve the same.

If you are an existing student of mine and are based in Perth, you are eligible to apply for Personal Mentorship with me.

Apply for Personal Mentorship

If you would like to apply for Personal Mentorship with Sifu Simon, send your application in and tell us why should you be considered as a potential candidate.

We will send you a link to book a call with us.