Introduction Sessions

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We regularly organize Jeet Kune Do Introduction Sessions for people with keen interest.

These are 90-minute hands-on training sessions that will give you an effective overview of the Art.

You won't be able to become proficient immediately — that takes time and practice — but you will surely get a better understanding of what Jeet Kune Do is.

No experience required.

Here's What We'll Cover

  • Martial Arts Mobility Exercises
  • Fundamental Jeet Kune Do Footwork
  • The On-guard Stance
  • Kinetic Chain
  • Basic JKD Striking Techniques
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Situational Awareness
  • Progressive Sparring
  • Philosophical Reflections
  • Meditation & Recovery

After this session, you'll understand...

  1. What sets "Latter Stage" JKD apart from Wing Chun and Early Stage JKD/Jun Fan Gung Fu.
  2. Why JKD is a blend of physics, philosophy and kinesiology, and not a "style" or "system".
  3. How JKD can be used to effectively defend yourself on the streets.
  4. How JKD compares to other "styles" and "systems".
  5. Answers to any other questions or doubts that you might have regarding the Art.


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Vacancies Available: 7 Remaining

Other Notes

Be in your regular gym/training attire, and wear shoes.

Bring a towel, extra set of clothes, as well as plenty of water.

Everything else will be provided.