Focus Group Training

We currently conduct 1 focus group class every week. Each class lasts for 2 hours, and we emphasize quality over quantity. Our classes are based on the "Latter Stage" JKD Curriculum and Progression Cycles created by Sigung Mark Stewart.

Session Flow


1. Mobility

2. Shadow

• In accordance with oneself
• In accordance with an opponent, with Preparation
• The JKD Engagement Continuum

3. Focus Mitt Striking

• In accordance with the Five Ways of Attack
• Progressive non-compliance
• “Engaged Disengagement”


4. Heavy Bag Striking

• Application of the Five Ways of Attack
• With physical conditioning

5. Sensitivity

• In accordance with the Centerline
• The Void

6. Application

• Simulated scenarios & pressure tests
• Progressive sparring


7. Debrief & Reflection

• Discussion & Analysis

8. Compensation

• Recovery

9. Meditation

• Stillness
• Visualization
• Concentration


Sundays 3PM to 5PM


Focus group sessions are currently offered to private mentor students


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