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What is Jeet Kune Do?

Better known as Bruce Lee's martial art, Jeet Kune Do is defined as the complete body of technical and philosophical knowledge that was studied and taught by the legendary Lee during his lifetime. It is concerned solely and exclusively with Bruce Lee’s personal evolution and process of self-discovery through martial arts, as supported by written record and oral recollections (by those students who spent time with and/or studied under him) i.e. Sifu Ted Wong.

Do you accept complete beginners?

Yes, we love training complete beginners and we will train you from scratch.

What if I already have martial arts experience?

Store your other content in a "different folder" for the time being. As you master the fundamentals of the Art, you'll soon begin to see that with the Human Way, there are only Parallels and no "difference".

What are your rates?

It depends on what you are looking for. With an art like JKD, there isn't exactly a standardized solution to everybody. If you are keen on taking lessons, send us a message and we'll revert with our estimates.

What should I bring for classes?

  • A towel, for hygiene purposes
  • An extra set of clothes
  • Training / Running / Gym Shoes
  • Personal Boxing or MMA gloves
  • Personal Focus Mitts
  • Plenty of water

Everything else will be provided. Be punctual!

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